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Meet some of the Hambleside Danelaw team




I started my journey with Hambleside in Inverness in 2006 when I was only 19. It was my first job in the UK after I’ve moved to Scotland from Poland.

I’d heard about Hambleside from a friend so I visited the factory. I was interviewed by Jack Milson the GRP Production Manager and got the job. I started work with rovings at the wet end of production which is one of the first stages of process. Although it was difficult at first because my English was basic, I stuck at it. I improved my language skills and became really good at the job. I worked there nearly 3 years, but being young I decided that Inverness was a bit small and moved away to a bigger city. I then moved back to Poland for 3 years.

My closest family was still living in Scotland so I decided to move back. After trying a few other jobs I decided I’d like to go back to work for Hambleside. I got in touch with Jack and didn’t wait long to start working with rovings again. This time the supervisors had changed to people I knew from working there first time. They supported me and I got more involved in other aspects of production. That allowed me to learn and understand the process, and I was soon promoted to Team Leader helping to run the Production Line.

We then learned the Scottish plant was shutting down and moving production to Daventry. They asked who would be willing to relocate and I decided it would be great to give it a go. I moved to Daventry in 2016 supervising team of people who were new to the production of GRP rooflights. It was a challenge, but we did it and we were soon ready to take on production of GRP Valleys and RS trims. In 2017 I was promoted to Senior Supervisor. I kept doing my best, and with the support of our directors, we worked together on ways to improve our production process to make it better, more efficient and an operator friendly environment. Recently my efforts paid off and I was very happy to be promoted to GRP Production Manager.

When I’m not working, I was a qualified chef originally so I like to discover new foods, cook them and visit the countries they came from. Travelling to Asia and the US is something I enjoy doing and planning to do as soon as lockdown is over!