Hambleside Danelaw Pioneers


We are pioneers. Our history was built on innovation. Our future will be too.

The construction industry is constantly changing for many different reasons. This can be changes in legislation, environmental pressures, evolving work practices or any other internal or external factors that require products to be adapted or new products created.

Through our extensive knowledge and expertise in areas of roof design, we recognise where developments or new products are needed, where problems need to be solved or where improvements can be made. We then bring innovative products to the market that fill those gaps.

It’s a two way street: we identify opportunities and bring those to you; you spot where improvements can be made and bring them to us, for us to develop a solution

Our UK manufacturing facilities and in-house development team allow us to create products end-to-end. This gives up the flexibility and speed to react to the continual design, technical, regulatory and environmental changes in the industry. As result, you can have total peace of mind that when you specify or install our products because you know that they will comply with the latest regulations, and deliver the ease of installation, quality and reliability you need.

How our innovative approach helps our customers

Roofing Contractors and Builders
Our end users are always looking for products that can:

  1.  comply to the latest building regulations, legislation and practices;
  2.  make life easier on site;
  3.  be more cost-effective;
  4.  are more reliable to avoid recalls;
  5. deliver a high quality job.

We aim to meet those needs.

Merchants requirements are market leading brands, good technical support, excellent customer service and availability from supplier. They want products that help their customers on-site to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry and make their life easier.

We aim to meet those needs.

Architects and specifiers look for solutions to problems and are always open to new ideas. They are also interested in products that look and perform better and are more environmentally efficient. We aim to meet those needs.

We are continuing to work at the forefront of the industry to meet the ever-changing demands of modern construction. We are committed to researching, designing and manufacturing in Great Britain as it gives us the ability to continue the innovative approach that we have adopted throughout our history, and pioneer the products of the future.