Dryseal puts a Holt to roof leaks

holtcottage4aaThe Holt Brewery Foundation via their Architects Lloyd Evans Prichard (LEP) chose to use Dryseal when re-roofing their Holt Cottage Caretaker’s bungalow in 2013. LEP became interested in the Dryseal system after a CPD seminar delivered at their offices in 2011.

The roof had previously been renewed using an asphalt covering which had failed after only five years, causing water ingress to damage the original roof deck. LEP opted to install a scaffold and sheeting temporary roof over the whole building to protect the interior whilst the work was undertaken. Plywood and a vapour control layer were fitted to replace the damaged roof deck and the insulation was upgraded with a tapered PIR insulation system, finished with the Dryseal system. New rooflights from Coxdome were also incorporated into the project to enhance the quality of natural light into the interior of the cottage.

The works were carried out by Dryseal Approved Contractors Allied Roofing (NW) Ltd. When complete, the building was completely watertight and the occupants of the cottage have commented on how much warmer and brighter the inside of their home is now. Allied Roofing showed respect to the community with minimum disruption to the neighbours, who had been especially concerned about potential noise and upset during the works. Care also had to be taken not to interfere with the roof of the adjoining transformer building in view of the stringent conditions imposed by the local Utility Company.

Andrew Kepczyk, lead designer for LEP commented, “We needed something with guaranteed material and workmanship that would provide certainty for the charitable trust. The representatives involved from Hambleside Danelaw had a clear understanding of their material and our requirements. The support we received at design stage contributed greatly to the success of the completion of the work.”

Another successfully completed project benefitting from the Dryseal 20 year independent insurance backed guarantee and warranty.