Dryseal takes to the skies

Bob-Cat-1Is this the ultimate test for a glass fibre roofing system?

One of our Dryseal Contractors Mike Williams of FuturA Roof Limited has recently completed the construction of a Bob Cat model jet aeroplane.

It is propelled by a Wren 44 gold turbine, but the interesting bit for us is that the wings have been joined to the fuselage by using the same laminating components that we use within our Dryseal fibreglass roofing system.

Bob-Cat-2Not only that, but our new stress plate, code DP 40, has also been used within the construction. The model has successfully flown at speeds in excess of 200mph (330km/h) and has endured 5 g forces during sharp banking manoeuvres. The model plane has been photographed in flight by Alan Townsend and this photo shows clearly the wing section and the stress plates all in action!

That’s very fast for a Dryseal flat roof which is usually stationary, although it has been used to provide the roof surface on a railway carriage – but that’s another story!