Edge Detail in a Flash with Fast Flash

Oil tanks at ferry port with Fast Flash

Paul Rosevear with 30 years of experience in the roofing industry has completed a unique project at Plymouth Ferry Port.

The project involved three steel oil tanks with an ongoing issue of corrosion due to their exposed location at the port. Paul was asked to find a solution for protecting the top edge detail of the middle oil tank.

Originally the detail was painted, however this did not have the durability needed for the corrosive marine atmosphere. The other factor that needed to be considered was the flammable nature of oil, which meant the application of the product to the tank could not involve any form of heat or flames.

Martin Daw and Joe Reeves from RSL Plymouth recommended Danelaw’s lead alternative flashing; Fast Flash. Fast Flash is a flexible and fully self-adhesive flashing, perfect for waterproof

After a successful trial, it was decided Fast Flash was the perfect solution for the corroding edge detail.

Before applying the flashing, it was important to clean off and dispose of any flaking material to the edges, followed by applying a primer to the rusted areas to ensure Fast Flash would adhere properly. It was cut into lengths of 800mm for ease of application to the 50m circumference of the tank. A J-roller was used to make sure the flashing had good contact with the surface and to take out any air.

The project took 5 days to complete; Paul said ‘Fast Flash is very easy to apply and very sticky which helped. It had a neat and clean finish similar to lead and I would easily use this over other lead-replacement products on the market’

There are plans for the other two tanks to follow suit after the successful application of the Fast Flash to the first oil tank.

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