Excellent prognosis for Sligo Hospital

The highly regarded St Joseph’s Surgery and Diagnostic Centre in Sligo, Ireland was urgently in need of a new roof covering over the main hospital building. After several months of discussion, the hospital chose to use the Dryseal component based GRP roofing system supplied by Approved Installer PQ Fibreglassing to complete the re-waterproofing and insulation upgrade works. The 750 m2 area comprised six roofs covered with failing rock asphalt on the original concrete substrate.

The Hospital was closed on a Thursday in April 2014 to allow the car park to be used for a crane to load out all delivered materials to roof level, to ensure that roof level production would be maximised. PQ Fibreglassing’s dedicated team of seven then worked over six long weekends, whilst the hospital was closed, to ensure that the day-to-day function of the building would not be compromised.

One of the main aims of the project, in addition to the replacement waterproofing system, was to reduce the hospital’s considerable heating costs. This was achieved by introducing two layers of 50mm Kingspan TR26 insulation to form a ‘warm’ roof build up under the Dryseal membrane, using the original asphalt as a vapour check layer. PQ Fibreglassing also renewed eight roof lights with new high thermal efficiency triple glazed Velux units.

The addition of DukMat safety walkway matting and self-weighted perimeter safety handrail ensure that the newly installed Dryseal roof can be safely inspected and maintained to ensure its longevity. With a 20 year insured guarantee that can be extended in year 19 by refurbishment of the top-coat, the Agrément certified system can have its life extended almost indefinitely.

A 35% reduction in heating oil costs is an immediate positive outcome of the roof’s insulation upgrade. Having used the Dryseal Flat Sheet membrane system finished in dark grey to eliminate all roof leaks, the hospital’s Premises Manager referred to this as a “perfect” result.