Leisure centre kept active throughout re-roof

Hucknall-Leisure-Centre-Dance-Studio-1_v2During 2012, long-standing Dryseal customer Ashfield District Council asked Hambleside Danelaw to carry out a survey and provide a specification for a re-roof and insulation upgrade to the Hucknall Leisure Centre. The 1,500 m2 area incorporating the Sports Hall, Dance Studio and Gymnasium was first waterproofed in the mid 1970’s and urgently needed upgrading after many years of leaks and patch repairs.

Dryseal system budget prices were incorporated into an extensive improvements programme and work began in 2013 after the usual rigorous tender process. Dryseal Approved Contractor Avonside Commercial & Industrial Roofing (Midlands) started work on the Sports Hall, introducing additional insulation whilst fitting the Dryseal RibTec membrane over the existing coverings, after suitable preparation. The re-roof was carried out in tandem with Whitesales who were engaged to install the new triple glazed rooflight units. Work was successfully completed after six weeks in late 2013, with the newly watertight Sports Hall quickly attracting positive comments due to the improved insulation level and brighter interior.

The main lower level Gymnasium and Dance Studio roofs totalling over 1,000 m2 were re-roofed over a busy 8 week period between March and May 2014. Once the chippings had been removed, the existing waterproofing was again able to be retained as a vapour check layer, adding 50mm of Celotex TD 4000 polyisocyanurate insulation board in the Dryseal over-roof. Various items of redundant plant and equipment were also removed from the roof at the same time as re-roofing. The whole operation was able to be carried out whilst the building was in daily use and was completed without disruption to the Centre, thus ensuring important uninterrupted income.

Another successful Dryseal roof refurbishment completed on time and within budget, prompted Dryseal Manager Andy Fell to say “This effective and efficient re-roof illustrates the major benefits of the Dryseal component based GRP roofing system when used in a refurbishment scheme. Speed, cleanliness, improved insulation and lack of disruption all contributed to the high level of satisfaction expressed by the Management of the Leisure Centre.