Multifaceted ‘Round House’ roof no issue for Dryseal

Dryseal Housing Photo

Hambleside Danelaw’s component based roofing system Dryseal has been selected for a complicated domestic roofing project on the edge of the popular Devon village of Stoke Canon.

The Round House is a remarkable four-bedroom house that was designed by architects Peter Blundell-Jones and Gillian Smith. Completed in 1976, it was originally built for the parents of Blundell-Jones as their retirement home and was his first project. Having never before been on the open market, the Round House has now been sold and is being completely renovated – including the replacement of the original felt roof covering with an insulated Dryseal system.

The new owners, Martin and Christine Cridford wanted a replacement roof that complimented the design of this interesting house. They considered the roof to be a main feature of the building and wanted it to have a good appearance from the garden. They originally looked at installing a new metal roof. This was going to be costly and many metal roofing contractors were unwilling to take on the job as it was too complex. Those who said they could do it wanted to strip the roof structure completely and cover the house with shrink-wrapped scaffolding to keep it dry while the works were carried out. This proposal did not fit in with the owners’ ideas and other options were explored.

In February 2013 Martin approached Dryseal Approved Contractors DA Somerwill about the Dryseal alternative. David Somerwill and Andy Fell, Dryseal Manager carried out a full roof survey and confirmed Dryseal as a sensible and cost effective solution. Hambleside Danelaw formulated the specification for the renewal of the roof covering including a 20 year insurance backed guarantee.

Dryseal can usually overlay existing roofing material so there was no need to need to strip the original roof covering in this instance. Laid over a 50mm insulation board to further enhance the U value of the existing wood wool slabbed structure, the Dryseal was fixed using SFS Intec TPR-L aluminium peel rivets and DP40 nylon stress plates. The appearance of a sheet metal roof was achieved by the use of carefully spaced decorative roll trims and dark grey polyester top coat.

Martin and Christine commented, “We are very pleased with the final appearance of the roof and the attention to detail by David Somerwill and his team. We know they are very proud of the completed roof. The Dryseal guarantee gives us peace of mind that we have a roof that will last into the future. With Dryseal the house has the roof it should have had when it was built.”

The Dryseal system is ideal for flat and low pitched roofing and is manufactured in the UK.