New roof brings B&Q brighter benefits


The B&Q warehouse situated at Bridgend had seen better days and was badly in need of refurbishment. The interior was suffering from severe water ingress from the dilapidated, leaking roof and employee and customer safety was at risk where pools of water were forming in wet weather conditions. The natural light into the building was hindered due to the aged rooflights being covered in moss and fungi, and being tarnished due to years of weathering. This meant the warehouse required artificial light, adding to the energy consumption of the building. The lack of insulation in the roof also added to energy running costs.

Hambleside Danelaw were specified for this project by B&Q due to our environmentally positive approach to business and we worked alongside B&Q’s approved contractors, Group Tegula. The original roof, consisting of fibre cement sheets, remained in place to act as the liner panel for this over-roof project. The aged and failing rooflights were removed and new Zenon Pro liner panels were installed in their place. A metal spacer system was then installed to create a cavity of ­­­80mm depth and the roof was completed with profiled metal cladding and weather sheets. The cavity was insulated with mineral wool to further improve the U value of the building.

The new roofing system and rooflights have transformed a once fragile roof into one that is non-fragile and has improved the thermal performance of the building envelope. The heat retention and the increased natural daylight through the rooflights have also reduced the energy running costs. Dave Murray of Group Tegula commented, “This project has vastly improved the overall experience of visiting the store. The building is now warm and dry and well lit by natural light rather than artificial lighting, giving a much better environment for customers and staff.”