Rooflight replacement at power station

peterhead_power_station-1Survey Roofing of Whyteleafe, Surrey, are carrying out replacement works at Scottish and Southern Energy, Peterhead Power Station. Vertical wall lights are being replaced with Hambleside Danelaw’s Zenon Evolution profiled sheets in natural translucent, with SAA Class 1 fire rating.

The sheets are manufactured in the UK using our Zenon Evolution bi-axial glass mat. The added strength gained by the structure of the glass allows us to use less resin in production, and therefore lowers the embodied carbon, without reducing the performance.

The vertical wall lights installed at Peterhead have been profiled on our continuous profiling production line to match BSC LR1000W. This order has been fulfilled in a heavier weight, 3.26kg/m2 rather than the standard 2.59kg/m2, due to the specification requirement to cope with the extreme weather conditions on the exposed coastline and nature of the building use. The project is still ongoing.