“Second to None”: Hambleside Danelaw Underlays

DMG Services Group Ltd recently won a contract for a new development for David Wilson Homes in East Kilbride. It being their first collaboration with David Watson Homes, they wanted to use an underlay they know is top quality which could match the high standard of their roofers.

BS 5250 explains how underlays can help with roofing ventilation.

Hambleside Danelaw’s LR180 was selected for this project due to its high durability and heavier, premium weight. DMG Services Group Ltd got the underlay from One Stop Roofing Supplies, a stockist of Hambleside Danelaw products.

Darren McGhee, Managing Director of DMG Services Group Ltd, said “When pulling it across the open rafters, from right to left, its resistance to wind loads is second to none,” describing them as “a joy for roofers”.

East Kilbride, a town outside of Glasgow, falls within Wind Zone 3, meaning a range of our underlays would have been suitable for the housing development.

Hambleside Danelaw Underlays

Danelaw offers a variety of tile and slate underlays, with some having an option for a tape-to-tape system to remove the need for restraining batons at the lap line. Our range features 5 grades of membranes, which are available in two widths, ensuring customers have plenty of choice no matter which wind zone the development is in.

Extending our product range, we have also introduced Rewasi Top UV+  to provide roofers and specifiers with more options. Rewasi Top UV+ is an underlay made with Linopore® technology, which increases the product’s resistance to heat and UV, and therefore aging. Rewasi Top UV+ is classified as low resistance, or vapour permeable, which contributes to the ventilation of the completed roof.

To find out more about Danelaw underlays please get in touch with us through our contact page, or give us a ring on 01327 701 900. We will also be offering a course on our new learning platform, the Hambleside Danelaw Hub, about underlays, which will be available in the next few months. To learn more about the Hambleside Danelaw Hub, register your interest here.