Tile vents breathe new life into housing project

tile-vents-dundee-1This time last year Hambleside Danelaw’s roof tile vents were fitted onto a site at Longtoun Road, Dundee. Contractors Graham Roofing fitted over 400 of our tile roof vents, HD TV15/1, to houses in a project headed by Dundee council. The roof vents, supplied by SIG Asphaltic Dundee, have an actual ventilation range of 15,000mm2, which is 50% greater than many common tile vents found on the market; this meant considerably fewer vents were needed, significantly reducing the installed cost.

Stand alone photo of the Polypropylene Marley Modern Type Tile VentAlistair Tirns, Project Manager at Graham Roofing commented, he was “very pleased with the ease of use of the product the high quality and the finished appearance” and that Hambleside Danelaw is his preferred choice of roof vent.

John Silverwright from the supplier, SIG Asphaltic, commented that he was “pleased with the product and service to this site for Dundee Council and Graham Roofing and will continue to use Hambleside Danelaw for further phases and projects in the future.”

Visit our tile vent page for more information on the Marley Modern type tile vent.