Topped with Zenon Arc Rooflights

Zenon Rooflights - Cornerstone

New-state-of-the-art supply chain centre in Warrington for well-known pizza brand.

Located on part of a former RAF and USAAF airbase, Omega is a £1 billion project that covers 575 acres to the north of Warrington. The project encompasses commercial premises together with retail and leisure facilities and new homes. Omega’s vision is to create opportunities for business and the community. Once the Omega project is complete it is forecast that the businesses will create around 24,000 new jobs.

Part of the project in Omega South is the new £30 million supply chain centre for a well-known pizza brand, covering 10,800 square metres of the development. Providing jobs for 120 people in the local area, the centre is used for production, storage and distribution for over 400 pizza outlets across the North West of England.

The client’s requirement was for a high quality roof and cladding system. The architects on the project specified the Euroclad Elite 3 System that used on-site profile forming to achieve the long sheets required to span the entire 64m wide curved roof.

Hambleside Danelaw’s Zenon rooflights were specified to deliver high quality diffused natural daylighting into the key operational areas. Due to the very shallow roof pitch created by the central zone of curved roof, the Zenon Arc Pro barrel vault rooflight system was chosen rather than a Zenon in-plane rooflight option. Zenon Arc is manufactured from thermo-set GRP, delivering all the benefits of diffused light, high strength, longevity and fire resistance. The Zenon Arc was fixed to a kerb that followed the curvature of the roof, and is an ideal choice for low pitch standing seam systems and flat roof applications.

450 linear metres of rooflights were supplied that also included a separate rooflight liner of Zenon Pro 30 to match the Euroclad MW5 liner profile. This alone achieves Class B non-fragility when lining out the roof, and also facilitates effective sealing of the roof construction at liner level to achieve maximum airtightness, reducing air leakage heat loss and minimising condensation risk

Once the liner rooflight and kerb were installed, the pre-assembled Zenon Arc modules meant that the installation of the 1-metre wide barrel-vaulted panels could be completed extremely quickly by the expert team at IRC Carocelle. The rooflight assembly was completed with the inclusion of insulated end caps at the end of each rooflight run. Wayne Sprason; Associate Director at IRC Carocelle said ‘Installation of the rooflights was straightforward and labour saving when compared to other systems. At IRC Carocelle, we like to work quickly and efficiently to deliver a quality finished project. Zenon Arc fitted our requirements perfectly and we wouldn’t hesitate to use it again on other projects’.

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