Ventilating Glasgow’s housing association stock

JR Roofing installed Hambleside Danelaw HD TV15 series flush fitting tile vents across 150 roofs as part of a Community Energy Saving Programme, refurbishing Glasgow Housing Association building stock.

The tile vents were selected as a more cost effective option against competitor vents because of their unique increased airflow specification. At 15,000mm2 airflow, Danelaw’s tile vents can be installed at 1.5m spacings, whereas competitor vents with 10,000mm2 airflow would need to be spaced just 1m apart. Therefore on a project of this size, time and cost savings can be made whilst giving a high quality flush fitting finish.

JR Group have been committed to installing Hambleside Danelaw’s vents on refurbishment projects for this reason since discovering them 4 years ago. Whenever properties are being insulated to improve their energy rating, it is important to ensure adequate ventilation is also installed to avoid condensation.

tile vent with roofing contractor