Zenon helps support “break out” into sustainable solutions

Zenon helps support “break out” into sustainable solutions

In the drive to improve sustainability, Hambleside Danelaw’s Zenon brand has an unrivalled set of benefits to enable rooflights to play a bigger part in delivering an environmentally-friendly metal roofed building.

“It is human nature to stick with what we know,” observes William McDowell, National Product Development Manager- Zenon. “But, as demonstrated in the various political manifestos in the Election, the environment is figuring more highly on people’s agendas. We all therefore have to move on from the familiar, and learn about new options.”

Zenon is the only GRP rooflight that can, via an independently accredited Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), bring a tangible, quantifiable 1.5 points towards BREEAM  in any new build, fit-out or refurbishment project. The points are achieved in BREEAM Materials (Mat 02) category, when Zenon is used as part of a metal roof system, and are in addition to any BREEAM points associated with the metal roof system.

High strength Zenon Evolution GRP sheets are manufactured using a mesh made from continuous glass filaments which gives greater strength than conventional GRP and, as importantly, has 40% less embodied carbon as a result. To achieve optimum performance, Hambleside Danelaw’s unique Insulator core, manufactured from cellulose acetate, delivers more light than multiwall polycarbonate for the same U value. Zenon Evolution and Insulator can attain a U value as low as 0.9W/m2K, with light transmission of around 50% and embodied carbon as low as 13 kgCO2/m2.

“The combination of Zenon Evolution GRP and Insulator core gives the optimum combination of light transmission, U value, low embodied carbon, longevity and safety available in a composite rooflight,” says William McDowell.

The product benefits are enhanced by the back-up. Zenon is the only major brand of GRP linear rooflight to offer an online configurator tool, which gives the architect and contractor the basic detail in terms of light transmission, solar gain, thermal performance and embodied carbon. Further, the Zenon support team is fast building a reputation as the best available within the market, in terms of its service, speed of response and depth of knowledge.

The benefits of the overall package are apparent in the upgrade of a 25+ years-old industrial building for international motorcycle marque Harley Davidson, by Davis Roofing. Key elements of the specification for the project was improved natural light within, and enhanced thermal performance.

Davis Roofing over-clad the outer roof skin with new Omnis Exteriors 32/167/1000 profile sheeting. Replacement of the original rooflights was achieved by site-assembled Zenon rooflights. The Hambleside Danelaw team advised Zenon Pro formed to mirror the Omnis profile created the outer layer, with a 4mm twin wall polycarbonate providing insulation between the Zenon Pro liner to the existing PMFR35 profile of the roof’s original skin. This achieved current Building Regulations, with a light transmission of 53% and U value of just 1.7W/m2K.

Joe Robbens, commercial manager at Davis Roofing explained, “The service we receive, and quality of product, from Hambleside Danelaw means we have a good relationship. Wherever possible we specify Zenon rooflights on our projects.”