Download the New Zenon White Paper

The construction industry currently influences 47% of annual global C02 emissions.  This makes it more important than ever to be working towards Net Zero.

Hambleside Danelaw have always made it a priority to reduce the impact we have on the environment, with Zenon Evolution GRP rooflights having lower embodied carbon that similar alternative products.

In a world where we need more than ever to build with the environment in mind, Zenon have written a White Paper that discusses how natural daylight can impact sustainability in the built environment.  This White Paper aims to offer a broad context of sustainability in the construction industry, while highlighting the benefits of natural daylight delivered through GRP rooflights.

Since COP26, sustainability and Net Zero have been hot topics, with potential changes to UK regulations round the corner. In response to any relevant changes, this document will be reviewed and updated.

Download a sample Foreword introduction of the White Paper

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