Dryseal Flat Roofing

Approved contractors

To ensure that your Dryseal Roofing System is fitted correctly and offers the watertight protection it is designed to, Dryseal must be installed by one of our Approved Contractors. Hambleside Danelaw have appointed a large number of Approved Contractors across the British Isles and Ireland, each of whom has been vetted and specially trained by us to deliver the best quality workmanship.

During Dryseal installation, the membrane and detailing trims are firstly mechanically fixed and then the overlap joints are “laminated” with fibreglass and resin to achieve full water tightness. When the UV protective polyester top coat layer has been applied, this completes the installation.

Find a contractor

The map below gives you the location of Contractors in the UK who are Approved to supply and install the 20-year Guaranteed Dryseal system. For contact details, just click on the location marker.

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Roof survey

When you’ve decided to go ahead, your authorised Dryseal Contractor will carry out a roof survey as part of the no-obligation quotation process. The existing roof substrate will be carefully checked to ensure it is suitable for the Dryseal installation. It’s possible that Dryseal can be laid over the existing roof surface, providing the deck is in good condition – resulting in less disruption and lower costs. Your contractor will advise you on this once the roof survey has been completed and will similarly make recommendations for repair or replacement should there be any doubt over the roof’s current condition.


After preparation, the installation process begins with the mechanical fixing of the pre-cured GRP Dryseal membrane, to the roof substrate, using approved fixings. Dryseal Flat Sheet or RibTec can be used to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance with high-quality performance.

Unlike wet lay GRP and fully bonded systems, Dryseal is able to let air flow between the substrate and its surface which allows it to vent out interstitial moisture (any residual moisture or condensation).

Become a contractor

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