Dryseal Commercial

As a premium-quality, glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) flat roofing system, Dryseal is suited perfectly to commercial flat roof projects such as new-build property construction and private sector refurbishment jobs.

BBA 95/3114 LogoUnlike traditional wet lay GRP roofing products, it is a component-based system, and is manufactured under strictly controlled factory conditions to ensure the highest possible standards. It is BBA-approved, too, and comes with a 20-year materials and installation guarantee for complete peace of mind.


Dryseal is a mechanically fixed system that doesn’t have bonding at the roof edges. As such, air can flow between the substrate and its membrane, meaning interstitial moisture is vented. This is an important consideration for over-roof applications as it eases condensation.

Roof plant and detailing

The component-based nature of Dryseal makes it ideal for projects which have complex detailing requirements, or where there is auxiliary plant installed. This means there’s no need to remove any roof furniture or plant, as the product can be fitted comfortably around it with ease.

Green Commercial Flat Roof ApplicationsDryseal Used on a Green Roof

Dryseal is suitable for use as a green roof membrane or as a waterproofing membrane, so it’s perfect for application beneath decking, balconies or terraces. Hambleside Danelaw works with specialist green roof partners across the UK, too, so you can be sure of the best possible results.

Installation and service life

It’s essential that Dryseal is installed by one of our Approved Contractors, who will work in compliance with our instructions and using the appropriate fixings for the substrate in question. This is to ensure both safety and functionality. Watch our video where we put Dryseal through its paces.

Dryseal is a flexible system that can be installed on most roof substrates, but suitability will be confirmed as part of the initial quotation. The roof survey that takes place at this stage will also report on any substrate replacement or repair work that may be needed before installation can begin.

Providing installation is carried out properly and the Dryseal maintenance programme is adhered to, your roofing system can be expected to last for 40 years or more!