Technical Guidance

Dryseal Drawings Index

We have a large selection of drawings available for download. These include everything from standard to ‘green’ roof details.

The drawings can be downloaded in either pdf or dwg formats. The below links will take you to the page of that download:

Dryseal Specifications

Concrete Deck – Warm Roof (Insulated)
Concrete Deck – Cold Roof (Un-insulated)
Metal Deck – Warm Roof
Timber Deck – Cold Roof
Timber Deck – Warm Roof
Timber Deck – Un-insulated
Wood wool Slab Deck – Warm Roof Detail

Construction Details

Air Control Vent Detail
Box Gutter Detail
Cold Pipe Penetration Detail – Cold Roof
Cold Pipe Penetration Detail – Warm Roof
Cold Roof Ventilated Parapet Detail
Deck To Wall Detail – Cold Roof
Deck To Wall Detail – Warm Roof
Dryseal Trims
Decorative Rib Trim Details
Expansion Joint Detail
External Wall Insulation Abutment Detail
Fixing Point / Man safe post detail
Flat Edge Drip Detail – Cold Roof
Flat Edge Drip Detail – Warm Roof
Flat Glass Roof light Kerb Mounting Detail
Hot Pipe Flue Penetration Detail
Laminate Joint Fixing Detail
Lay Board Detail – Cold Roof
Lay Board Detail – Warm Roof
Mansard Drip Edge Detail – Cold Roof
Mansard Edge Detail – Cold Roof
Mansard Edge Detail – Warm Roof
Parapet Wall Encapsulation Detail
Proprietary Flanged Outlet Detail
Raised Edge Kerb Detail – Cold Roof
Raised Edge Kerb Detail – Warm Roof
Roof light Detail
Terrace / Balcony: Decking Finish
Terrace / Balcony: Rubber Tile Finish
Terrace / Balcony: Slab Finish
Tie in Detail to Felt Roof – Felt Over GRP
Tie in Detail to Felt Roof – GRP Over Felt
Through Wall Outlet To Hopper Detail
Trim Retaining Bracket Detail
Twin Kerb Expansion Joint Detail
Weathering Detail – Roof Plant Mounting Rail

Construction Details – Green Roof

Cold Pipe Penetration Green Roof Detail
Deck To Wall Green Roof Detail
Flat Edge Drip Green Roof Detail
Parapet Wall Encapsulation Green Roof Detail
Proprietary Flanged Outlet Green Roof Detail
Raised Edge Kerb Green Roof Detail
Rooflight Green Roof Detail
Single Leaf Smoke Vent Green Roof Detail