DIY SOS The Big Build – Hambleside Danelaw partners with RCC Roofing for a great cause

DIY SOS The Big Build, Hambleside Danelaw in partnership with RCC Roofing

The latest DIY SOS Big Build project RCC Roofing helped with was a single – storey semi-detached home at Carbis Bay, which aired on 26 November.

RCC Roofing had to upgrade the existing roof, and cut into it to abut the new shallow pitched extensions. Mike and his team used Danelaw Individual Dry Verge plus accessories, Dry Valley Trough Tile, Dry Valley, Fast Flash, Conti-Soaker, Rigid Felt Support Tray and Tile Vent Soil Pipe Adapter Complete Kit to finish and appropriately ventilate the roof, all supplied through Mammoth Roofing.

Mike added: “Having the support of Hambleside Danelaw makes it easier to help the Big Build. Everyone involved gives their time, effort and materials for free.

“That can create some interesting scenarios at times – we’ve been finishing the roof detailing and the scaffolders have been following us, taking the support framework down literally the minute we moved off it!”

Mike has now been involved in a number of Big Builds in the South West, supported by Hambleside Danelaw. For RCC’s DIY SOS Big Build projects, Hambleside Danelaw donates its products free of charge.