Back to School with Hambleside Danelaw Hub


We’re launching our new online learning platform.  To boost your knowledge, just click!

Hambleside Danelaw are pleased to announce a new initiative to help fill the skills gap in roofing.  Hambleside Danelaw Hub will a centre of knowledge which can be completed anywhere with an internet connection!

Hambleside Danelaw have always cared about educating and improving the awareness of various aspects of the roofing industry.  The high demand for construction services, combined with the lack of subject experts, means that now is the perfect opportunity to help educate a nation of roofers.

The only way is up

Learners will be able to register their interest to be allocated a space on one of our courses, and they will gain access to a wealth of materials that will teach or refresh their knowledge.  Upon passing the course, learners will be able to download a certificate.

Hambleside Danelaw plan to release a variety of courses from all three of our divisions:

  • Danelaw manufacture roofing and ventilation accessories;
  • Dryseal produce a GRP waterproofing system for flat and low pitched roofs;
  • Zenon manufacture a range of GRP rooflights which can be used to light up commercial and industrial properties.

Hambleside Danelaw have seen fantastic attendance in the online CPD sessions we have offered over the last year, and we believe that rolling out these courses will allow for personal and professional development.

So, whether you need to know the airflow of an eaves vent, or how Zenon rooflights let light in, Hambleside Danelaw Hub will offer the solution.

The Learning Process

The courses will be accessible on a platform specifically designed for the materials in production, from video to presentations.  At the end of certain courses, learners will be able to take a test to ensure their personal and professional development.  Upon passing they will be able to download a certificate as well as move on to other courses.

What next?

Hambleside Danelaw Hub will be open to learners at the start of September 2021, we will be publishing the full list of courses available in the next few weeks.  Wanting to enrol on our courses, or simply want to hear more about Hambleside Hub?  Click to register your interest.