Bloomberg’s tailor-made Zenon Rooflight solution helps enhance warehousing eco credentials

When the roof on a main warehouse facility of leading global data and media company Bloomberg began leaking, rooflight manufacturer Hambleside Danelaw rose to the challenge, manufacturing not only the profile required, but also delivering a comparatively small quantity, cost-effectively.

Bloomberg’s real estate management company called in Weatherproofing Advisors to remedy the problem at the London-based facility.

Teamwork between Weatherproofing Advisors, cladding manufacturer Joris Ide and Hambleside Danelaw delivered more than a roof that no longer leaks – the new solution has improved internal energy efficiency in heat and light, ensured a lower the carbon footprint, and enhanced the working environment within the building.

Ben Orton, Weatherproofing Advisors contract manager, commented: “We had to address the leaks resulting from lack of maintenance over the 20 years or so since the unit was first built, and do so without interrupting or disrupting daily operation.

“An improved thermal performance was an additional consideration in our original brief. By over-cladding the roof, and replacing the old GRP rooflights with new Zenon double skin factory assembled units, we improved the U value, and have reduced the amount of artificial light required.

“Even whilst the work was going on, the staff were telling us they didn’t need the lights on as much!”

Ben Orton added: “Hambleside Danelaw was the only GRP rooflight manufacturer prepared to work with us, to develop and manufacture a specific profile to the quantity we needed.

“Its advanced manufacturing processes means it could not only do that, but do it cost-efficiently. The client is a lot happier – they have a roof with no leaks and that’s easier to maintain going forward, better natural light and thermal performance, and a better working environment.”

Hambleside Danelaw has a history of British innovation, now spanning five decades – its Zenon being one of the UK’s top three brands in GRP industrial rooflights.

CE marked Zenon Pro sheet is a non-fragile thermosett GRP available in a range of weights and fire ratings. Zenon Evolution is a unique material manufactured by a pioneering process with continuous filaments of GRP that produces a greater strength to weight ratio than traditional GRP, yet uses less resin which results in less embodied carbon.

The combination will deliver excellent light transmission and thermal performance for 25 – 30 years. Full details and further rooflight configuration can be found via the link in the introduction.