Chris Dalgarno, Divisional Director of Roofing and Ventilation, retires

Dalgarno5Friday 29th May saw the end of an era as Hambleside Danelaw’s Roofing and Ventilation Divisional Director, Chris Dalgarno, retired. After working at Hambleside Danelaw for 28 years, Chris will be leaving to enjoy retired life with his wife and young daughter.

Chris joined the company in 1988 and started as a Sales Representative driving a van full of products, visiting customers. He covered the West Midlands and quickly progressed to Sales Manager in early 1990s. Chris was influential in taking Roofing and Ventilation from selling out the back of a van to a fully-fledged sales force. Having been influential in the product development side of the business as well as driving sales, Chris became Divisional Director in early 2000s.

As a valued colleague, the whole company was present to celebrate Chris’s excellent career and thank him for his dedication and commitment to Hambleside Danelaw. Chris was given a bike tool kit by the Hambleside Team, alongside a hammer and chisel to highlight his preferred forms of communication, and some DIY vouchers to thank him for his years of service.

Being highly revered and well-known in the Roofing and Ventilation sector, Chris retires from a long and successful career in the construction industry. The office ensured he received a good send off after being an integral part of the Hambleside Danelaw team.

We wish Chris a very happy retirement.