Congratulations Danny O’Brien

Hambleside Danelaw would like to congratulate Danny O’Brien for completing his Howitt training ‘Certification in Construction Product Sales’ and for being awarded a Distinction! Paul Hanratty, National Sales Manager for Zenon said ‘’I’ve been very impressed at the thoroughness of the course and, more importantly, the evidence-based assessment.

Danny’s Howitt training has been, in the main, very relevant to his role. Where it doesn’t quite mesh with his current duties, it’s given him an insight into the wider aspects of the specification contractual chain and has led him to liaise with colleagues to fill out his knowledge gaps.

He’s used many of the frameworks and techniques to open up new relationships and strengthen existing ones, and he has been able to play more efficiently to his many strengths by planning his sales approach in a structured, yet adaptable, way. Hambleside Danelaw and Danny have both benefited from that.

I guess the thing that has impressed me most, though, has been Danny’s application to the task against the background of an extremely challenging year. Well done!’’

This is what Danny O’Brien, Regional Area Manager has said about his experience with the training ‘’This course was very beneficial for me, being new to the industry, the course allowed me to gain vital knowledge on both sales within construction, routes to market but also in relation to specification.

It was a very intense course over a 12 month period which has been a great help in my progression at Hambleside Danelaw. ‘’