Introducing our new flexible flashing, Fast Flash


Fast flash being installed
Fast Flash is easily workable with tools or by hand

Traditionally applying roof flashing external areas can be a time consuming, highly skilled and labour intensive job. Depending on what material is used, it can also be potentially hazardous to the end user and the environment. We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new lead alternative flexible flashing, Fast Flash!

With the common knowledge of an increasing skills shortage in the industry, Fast Flash is the ideal solution. 50% quicker to install than lead, extremely flexible, malleable and requiring no specialist tools to fit, Fast Flash can be used on multiple applications, including;

  • Valley head and eaves
  • Wall abutments
  • Chimney perimeters
  • Dormers and rooflights
  • Solar panels
  • Pipe flashings

Fast Flash is also compatible with a range of our other roof flashing products including our tried and tested GRP dry fix valley troughs and unique individual dry soakers.

Designed with a useful and versatile fully self-adhesive backing, Fast Flash is an environmentally friendly composite, comprising of an aluminium grid embedded in a polymer rubber that is available in three colours including the lead looking, traffic grey. This excellent lead-free material holds no value to the thief. The alternative colour options of black and red deter would be thieves from even entertaining the thought. Fast Flash has great stretching ability and can increase by 60% in length and 20% in width to suit a variety of detailing requirements.

A patented “wet in wet” manufacturing method gives the composite a great benefit. This process ensures that delamination does not occur – unlike alternatives that are layered and glued. Supplied in a protective film, designed to prevent damage during installation, Fast Flash is also the only lead alternative flashing that can be shaped to the desired profile using a dresser.

The secure and durable flashing is compatible with most commonly used roof coverings so only one product is needed in the van. No gluing or welding is necessary, due to the fully adhesive backing making it quick and easy to install. Off-cuts are reusable therefore leaving the user with minimal waste, reducing material costs.

Danelaw Fast Flash valley n- roof flashing detail
Valley detailing
Danelaw Fast Flash Dormer Detail - roof flashing
Dormer detailing
Danelaw Fast Flash Pipe detailing
Pipe detailing

Working with lead

The World Health Organization has identified lead as 1 of 10 chemicals of major public health concern. They state that “Lead is a naturally occurring toxic metal found in the Earth’s crust. Its widespread use has resulted in extensive environmental contamination, human exposure and significant public health problems in many parts of the world.”

The EU has already opted to ban or restrict the use of lead in many contexts from petrol to paints and even electronic equipment. Some European countries have banned the use of lead within the construction industry while Denmark has completely banned the import or sale of products containing more than 0.01% of lead compounds.

Although many clients, specifiers and some local authorities are now discouraging its use in roofing, the UK does not yet appear to be moving to a complete ban.

There’s no harm in using alternatives to lead

The popularity in lead alternatives is ever growing and manufacturers are responding to this demand. Modern materials offer lightweight solutions, easier and safer to handle at heights, preformed options to speed up installation. They also offer a long service life at a lower cost than traditional metals, such as lead, zinc and copper.

There is much ignorance within the roofing community with respect to lead and the risks that it presents. Under the Control of Lead at Work Act, there is a duty of care on all to use an alternative to lead whenever and wherever there is one available and this is something that materials suppliers and distributors should also be aware of to ensure the best health and safety of those working on site. Of course, these issues can be negated by minimising the use of lead products.

A fast flash solution

As well as the aesthetics, Fast Flash has none of the associated health risks that arise when working with lead. Due to its non-toxic properties, it is safe to use wherever there is a requirement to recycle water. It does not produce harmful run-off which makes it suitable for grey water systems. This is an important factor to consider with the current move toward ‘greener’ methods and materials. A warming environment and the predicted increase in yearly droughts and water shortages is changing the way we think.

We pride ourselves on providing quality products that are fit for purpose, reducing the need to return to site. Contact us today on 01327 701900 to find out more about Fast Flash and Hambleside Danelaw’s roof flashing products.

For a healthy roof, use Fast Flash – a lead alternative product.