First Sight Reaction to Mercia Park

Some of our staff members were given the chance to visit Mercia Park.  A site spanning nearly 300,000 square metres, Mercia Park is aiming to be a net zero development. Comprising of 5 units, the site is the largest pre-let in the UK.  Main contractor, Winvic, working in close partnership with Hathaway Roofing, specified Hambleside Danelaw’s Zenon GRP rooflights as Mercia’s preferred solution for natural daylighting. Zenon’s GRP rooflights are well known for their effective diffusion of natural light, reducing the reliance on LED artificial lighting, and allowing workers to feel the universally-acknowledged benefits of daylighting.

An image of people in high vis' in one of Mercia Park's Units
From the left: Paul Geddes, Stuart Deas, Jeff Sharratt

Jeff Sharratt, Hambleside Danelaw’s Product Development Technician, was one of our staff members lucky enough to visit this enormous development.

“This was my first visit to such a large development site, and I didn’t know quite what to expect, but Mercia certainly didn’t disappoint. We first stopped at the main site reception for a safety briefing and to don our PPE before moving on to meet up with Hathaway Roofing’s site manager, Paul Geddes.

It was a bright and breezy day, and the site was a perfect example of professional, efficient activity with all manner of machinery at work. Directly in front of the site office was a partially-completed warehouse; it was enormous, and the scale was simply breath-taking.

As we entered the warehouse, they were progressing with the installation of sections of roof panels and our rooflights. To our right the new layers of flooring were going in, with impressive speed and scale of construction.

From here we moved on to the completed buildings; with their gigantic proportions it was hard to judge distance, but with some of the structures being 100,000 square metres they truly are a sight to behold, that pictures really can’t convey. Despite the epic proportions, you could really see the effectiveness of the daylighting plan using our GRP rooflights, with the diffused light easily lighting the interior.”

Zenon rooflights are a fantastic daylighting solution for industrial buildings such as warehouses or production centres.   To learn more about specifying Zenon GRP rooflights, get in touch with our team on 01327 701 920 or fill in our contact form.