Food and computers on the menu












Hambleside Danelaw recently supported Daventry Foodbank by donating 1% on all orders received on the 16th December raising £1000.

We recently received a letter from the charity explaining that not only had the donation been incredibly useful in providing the foodbank with much needed supplies to meet this year’s unprecented demand, but they had also used half of the money to buy hard drives and additional IT equipment for their latest initiative.

The pandemic has had many effects, and has highlighted the amount of children and families who are digitally disadvantaged when it comes to online learning. The hope of the charity to begin with was to take in 100 discarded laptops/PCs/tablets, wipe them clean,

insert new hard drives and get them out to those families who desperately need them to keep up with home schooling.

They have been working incredibly hard on this amazing initiative, and have already received over 50 devices and counting in a short space of time! To further support the charity with their great work to supply the hardware that is vital for every family, we have donated 3 laptops which they will put to very good use.

To read the full letter from the Vineyard Community Church just click here, or find out more about the Daventry Foodbank click the link: If you would like to donate any laptops/PCs or tablets to help, contact the church here: t: 01327 577 850 or e: