Gary Reaches New Heights at Rooftop Access Course

Gary Warrington; Zenon Sales Co-ordinator and Ian Weakford; Hambleside Danelaw Sales and Marketing Director

Gary Warrington; Sales Co-ordinator for Zenon rooflights recently completed a Rooftop Access Course on the 13th June. The course outlined how to access a roof safely via clipping on with lanyards and how to be safe on roofs by using safety systems whilst at height. He discovered what obstacles to look out for and how working at height is as much about others safety as it is about his own.

In addition to his current job role, Gary will be attending site visits and meeting customers. This will increase the likelihood of obtaining roof access for rooflight installation, making this course a necessity for his development and understanding of the risks involved.

Gary said, ‘I found the course very eye opening and educational.  Maybe things I overlooked before I will now be more confident in challenging, which will allow me to work more safely on roofs.’