“Great product, great price – the lads love it!”

HD CON6+ Ventilated Dry Fix Ridge and Hip System

Any boss knows that having a happy workforce makes a huge difference to life. It is one of the reasons why Lodge Roofing chooses Danelaw’s LR180 roofing underlay and CON6+ universal dry ridge & hip system.

“Wherever possible, we choose Danelaw LR180 and CON6+,” explains Tom Lodge, the Newmarket-based contractor’s quantity surveyor. “We have used alternatives in the past, but our operatives on site find the Danelaw dry ridge and hip system in particular easier to work with. “

CON6+ is a universal mechanically fixed ridge and hip ventilation solution that features a patented gasket to eliminate the need to install individual sealing washers whilst still have the flexibility to suit most common tile profiles.

“It’s a balance of product and price. All the Danelaw products we use are cost-competitive, so it comes down to what we prefer. Our operatives tell us they prefer the Danelaw options, so we tend to use them, and balance the specifics depending on what quality and performance the client may want. For larger housebuilders, for example, we will use LR180 underlay as they want premium quality; on other jobs we may use Danelaw’s lighter weight LR120.”

Danelaw LR underlays are available in a choice of weights. Regardless of specification, they provide an effective solution to protect the building and its occupants from harmful effects of interstitial condensation and external climatic conditions including wind, snow and wind drive rain. The products have been developed for use in cold and warm pitched roof applications, and are suitable for use draped and unsupported, or fully supported on sarking or insulation boards.