Hambleside Danelaw Limited – Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Hambleside Danelaw Limited is actively closely monitoring the fast moving situation with Coronavirus ( Covid-19 ). The health of our employees, customers and suppliers is paramount.

The aim of our action is to provide our service with minimal disruption to our customers while maintaining the wellbeing of our employees.

We are following closely the advice from Government, Public Health England and other countries.

Protecting our employees:

All foreign business travel is cancelled with immediate effect.

We are supplying employees with hand sanitisers.

Any employee who feels that they may have symptoms are required to report to NHS 111 and their line manager.

Any visitors to the site should only visit by appointment to attend to business-critical activities and only with the permission of a Director.

Physical contact including handshakes is to be discouraged.

The Managing Director is the Covid-19 co-ordinator and all business decisions and actions relating to the virus must be approved by him.

Protecting our customers:

Wherever possible Hambleside Danelaw Ltd should conduct meetings with customers by phone and / or video conferencing.

Wherever possible technical problems should be resolved remotely rather than on site.

Protecting our suppliers:

Wherever possible contact with suppliers will be made by phone and / or video conferencing.

Delivery drivers should report to goods inwards and wash their hands thoroughly and see our goods inwards people for instruction.

Our mission is to continue to give the Hambleside Danelaw Ltd service without jeopardising the health of employees, customers and suppliers.

We will continue to monitor the situation and react to any changes or advice to protect the 3 groups.

Chris Avery

Managing Director