Installation of Danelaw Duo Tile Soaker

We have posted a new video to the Hambleside Danelaw YouTube channel for the Installation of the duo tile soaker (HD DTS):

This product can be used with interlocking duo tiles, including the Forticrete Gemini,  Forticrete Minislate, Marley Ashmore and Redland Duo Plain types. It can be finished with a traditional lead flashing or alternative flashing such as Fast Flash. It is a great alternative to a continuous abutment soaker.

The individual soakers range is compatible with a wide range of tiles and slates with both right and left hand options where required.

Features and Benefits

• Quick and simple to install.
• Thermally stable.
• UV and acid rain resistant.
• Lead alternative.
• Reduced theft risk.
• Creates no harmful run off into water courses.
• Dry fix products eliminate the mortar installation and maintenance issues.


A range of lead-free preformed soakers for roof abutment details covering interlocking flat tiles, single lap slate and plain tiles, and double lap plain tiles and slates. They are supplied preformed to save time and effort on site, and are finished by the use of a lead or lead replacement flashing product.

To find out more about our tile and slate soaker range, click here. Other information you can find on each specific product will be pdf and dwg drawings, compatibility charts and related brochures.