Launch New Interlocking Plain Tile Dry Verge System

We are pleased to announce the launch of  the new Danelaw interlocking dry verge system. The Danelaw IPTDV system is designed to be compatible with the four types of increasingly popular interlocking single lap plain tile types that create the look of a plain tile or small slate roof.

This new dry verge system will be very familiar to the many users of the popular Danelaw IDV Interlocking Dry Verge System. It replicates the style and incorporates all of the features that make the larger version so popular including being universal, easy and quick to install, providing a stylish finish to the edge of the roof in keeping with with the look of the roof tiles.

It complies with the requirements of BS 8612 providing a mechanical fixing to the verge tiles suitable to resist wind loads from zone 1 to 5 and prevents rainwater staining on the building gables.

The Danelaw IPTDV system is available in black, slate grey, dark brown, antique red and terracotta to suit most tile colours, and at batten gauges from 170mm to 200mm. There is an option for matching half-round or angle ridge end caps together with a single discreet universal black eaves starter unit that allows for positioning of the guttering.

For further information on this, visit the HD IPTDV and download the product datasheet.