Local services give answers


John Sinclair, Production Director at Hambleside Danelaw, with the resin and mystery substance to be tested

You can never be too careful when working with chemicals and we certainly would never process anything unless we know exactly what we’re dealing with.

John Sinclair, Production Director at our factory just outside Inverness has enlisted the services of Interface, The knowledge connection for business, to help with some recent issues. Interface is a free and impartial service that matches businesses with academics making available the world class knowledge, expertise and research facilities in all of Scotland’s Universities and Research Institutions  to stimulate innovation and help solve business challenges.

John Sinclair explains “Interface are putting people in touch with each other who can help one another out, using the expertise that we have on our doorstep. Our local office provides a central hub to connect businesses with Scotland’s academia.”

A few weeks ago, we received a new delivery of resin. Opening one of the containers, we found an unidentified liquid lying on the top. With no idea what the substance was, the only solution was to test it and identify it. The Inverness office of Interface quickly put us in touch with someone at the University of the Highlands & Islands. They conducted tests on the substance and quickly issued a clear and concise report with the findings – the answer, it was water. Relieved, John commented, “we couldn’t make any assumptions. It could have been something extremely hazardous.”

Hambleside continues to work with Interface, building relationships with local universities and research units, focused on innovation and developing our business for the future.