Locks, Stocks and Numerous Wet Sponges

One sponge hits its target!

Our brave Directors – Ian Weakford, Nick Adams and Rob Hupfield took to the stocks in the Danelaw yard on Thursday 19th December to get a good old fashioned soaking, all in the name of charity.

At 50p a throw, the other members of the Hambleside Danelaw team queued up, took aim and drenched their target with a dripping wet sponge. Requests were also being taken from those in our Waterlooville and Inverness offices, in search of the most accurate thrower to ensure their sponge was as effective as possible. After the last sponge was flung and the sodden victims dried off, we were delighted to have to date raised £105.00.

The funds raised from this event will be donated to Cancer Research UK, our chosen charity for 2014.

More fund raising events are to be announced in the New Year.