Naturally Responsible Printing

Seacourt staff upon winning their second Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development

You may have recently received the new Hambleside Danelaw Roofing and Ventilation or Dryseal literature.  You will see that the brochures now have the Seacourt logo on the reverse of them to show that they have been printed by the sustainable, zero carbon printers. This will gradually be filtered through our range of literature, supporting our commitment to the environment.

Oxford based printing company Seacourt is known for its radical approach to protecting the environment, and has been recognised as ‘one of the top three leading environmental printers in the world’ by a worldwide printing association.  Seacourt’s waterless printing technology has saved over three Olympic sized swimming pools of water (more than 7,500,000 litres!) over the last nine years.

In addition to waterless printing, Seacourt’s credentials include being the first printing company in the world to achieve 0% waste to landfill (even food scraps and teabags are converted into plant food by in-house wormeries!), 100% carbon neutral, use 100% vegetable oil based inks and operate with 100% renewable energy. The paper Seacourt has used for Hambleside Danelaw brochures is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste paper and is FSC certified. This means that the paper is manufactured at a paper mill holding Forest Stewardship Council certification guaranteeing that pulp is obtained from sustainable sources and can be tracked from the printed product back to the original source.

Waterless printing is not only the most stringent environmental print process, but also produces the highest quality reproduction with brighter colours, sharper dots and finer screen rulings. The ultimate combination for Hambleside Danelaw literature!