New soakers enhance the Hambleside Danelaw soaker range

Like others in the soaker range, the HD RTS come in left and right hand options

With the introduction of the new Redland 10 Series from roof tile manufacturer Monier, Hambleside Danelaw is at the forefront presenting the new HD RTS individual soaker. This new addition to the individual soaker range brings increased compatibility matches now covering almost all flat tile and slate types and offers another simple environmentally friendly solution to abutment details.

The HD RTS is an established proven design, adapted slightly for compatibility with the new Redland 10 series which incorporates the Richmond 10, the Saxon 10 and the Landmark Slate 10.  Other thin leading edge tiles compatible with the HD RTS are the Russell Galloway, Lothian, Moray and Polden and the Quinn Devenish and Rathmore. The installation process is quick and simple – clip each individual soaker over the leading edge of the tile before placing the tile over the batten and against the roof abutment.  The HD RTS sits on top of the tiles in the same fashion as the now well established and popular HD MDS, RRS and SRRS soakers. These differ from the recently launched HD DTS and RCS soakers, for interlocking plain tiles and slates, as they are concealed beneath.

Hambleside Danelaw’s individual soaker range is a great alternative to lead abutment soakers. They are manufactured from polypropylene which is lightweight, safe to handle, holds no value to thieves and does not cause unsightly staining from oxidation.  All Hambleside Danelaw individual soakers are pre-formed, therefore do not need to be fabricated on site.  Without the need for specialist tools there is a guaranteed reduction in labour time and the dry fix solution means that there is no need for mortar so they can be fitted in any weather conditions.

As with all Hambleside Danelaw individual soakers, left and right hand options are available and the upstands can be finished with lead or other cover flashing alternatives such as GRP (glass reinforced polyester). Please visit for more details about the range.