Our team get a GRiP of Dryseal Installation

Hambleside Danelaw recently welcomed two new members of staff who will be assisting in the Dryseal division.  In order to develop their knowledge of the single ply flat roofing system, they were given the opportunity to undertake our approved contractor training alongside experienced roofers also learning how to install the system.

The new Business Development Manager, Dan Addley said that the course is “good mix of interactive practical and classroom learning that can be tailored to meet the knowledge base of the individuals on the Dryseal course.

Paul Lambert is great at what he does and makes sure that the course is inclusive for all with no one left out & offers help where needed usually without the need to ask for it, it must be his sixth sense!

Dryseal Contractors get involved on the training course

Over the two-day course, attendees learn all aspects of the Dryseal system including laying of the field areas, trim installation, the detailing required on corners, upstands etc, how to correctly mix catalyst, how to apply the top coat and most importantly safe ways of working.

Where needed, advice can be given on estimating and how to correctly work out which components are needed for the installation.

Overall, I would highly recommend anyone wishing to further their roofing knowledge to attend one of our courses.”

Nicoleta, our Business Administrating apprentice, said:

“I’ve had the great opportunity to take part in the two-day Dryseal training offered by Hambleside Danelaw. Paul has a really good way of explaining information which helps with retaining it. I think the contractors really enjoyed their training days and learnt a lot in the process.

Once we got to the practical part of things, Paul demonstrated how to fit a smaller rig and then gave us the opportunity to do the same thing to our own rigs. I had never used an electric saw and getting shown and trained on how to use that was nerve-racking and exciting!

I had a lot of fun fitting and measuring the pre-cured parts and fitting them together like a jigsaw puzzle to make up the first part of the system. I learnt how catalyst is used and what happens when put together with resin and the topcoat.

Roofers help complete a roofing rig in the Dryseal Training course

The second day we all got assigned a bigger rig and given the opportunity to go through the whole procedure of laying a Dryseal roof.

Overall, it was really good fun the contractors on the course were also very friendly. Dan Addley (Business Development Manager for Dryseal) and I were the last to do our finishing touches on the rig before the topcoat and one of the contractor companies joined in and helped us finish, which was very kind of them.”

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To learn more about Dryseal’s Approved Contractor training, get in touch with us on 01327 701930 or get in touch with us using our contact form.