Paul Lambert Travels Across the UK to Offer Roofing Support

Roofing contractors around the country can receive free on-site tuition. We appointed a product support technician in April last year to assist users of the Danelaw (pitched roofing) products in the best methods of installation and to help customers choose the right product for the application from the extensive range.

Field Support Technician, Paul Lambert, has 17 years’ experience in the roofing sector and is a former customer and user of Danelaw products. Primarily, the position focused on supporting those on site, this has now developed into offering product demonstrations at merchants for both staff and contractors on best practice and new products. The demonstration days have received positive feedback and been successful in offering free support to those in the roofing sector.

Danelaw demo day with Paul and Richard
Richard Spreag, South West and South Wales Regional Sales Manager and Paul Lambert taking on the winter weather

While the weather may change, Paul will continue to offer demo days throughout the year and will often be supported by the Danelaw Regional Sales Manager.

The demonstration days can be organised with Paul directly or through our sales team. The days are supported by the marketing department, offering merchants sales collateral including brochures, posters, leaflets and social media posts.

Chris Avery, Managing Director said: “This is the first time we’ll be providing training on the road and it’ll offer contractors the chance to hear about new products, watch demonstrations and learn the latest techniques. It will also help us to deliver our ambition to improve standards and practices across the building industry as a whole.”

Prior to joining Hambleside Danelaw, Paul ran his own company, managing up to 5 different fitting teams. He was a fully approved Dryseal system installer, and his company was the first to provide a full roof in Dryseal GRP to a Grade 1 listed medieval church after repeated lead thefts. He will be looking to grow his reach in training merchants, distributors and contractors across the country.

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