Paving the Road(show) – Zenon Rooflights

In November, Hambleside Danelaw were privileged to partner with Euroclad Group and Tata Steel Colorcoat in hosting ‘Constructing a Sustainable Future: Industrial & Logistics Buildings Roadshow’.  The aim of the all-day event at the iconic, world class conference facility at Silverstone Race Circuit was to develop the discourse surrounding sustainability in the built environment with a particular focus on buildings in the industrial and logistics sector.

The event featured two guest speakers; first was Tim Ward, CEO from Chetwoods Architects.  Tim focused on ‘Regenerative Design’, homing in on steel and refurbishment.  He highlighted challenges such as the disconnect between supply and demand – in particular the fact that, while there are a large number of architects eager to use reclaimed steel, the steel from deconstructed buildings is only available for a short period of time prior to entering the metal recycling stream.  He raised the issue that the industry needs to develop a network with clear communication to ensure this steel is reused.

Justin Searle, Technology Director from SPECIFIC, delivered the second guest presentation, ‘Renewable Technology and Integration’, which offered an in-depth breakdown of refurbishment options – considering installation of heat pumps and photovoltaic panels.  Justin also emphasised the need for data-driven results, focusing on performance monitoring while evaluating previous project solutions.

Alongside these two excellent guest speakers, chairperson Paul Hanratty introduced Gary Southgate, Rhian Blake, and Dave Taylor.

Gary Southgate, Business Development and Specifications Manager for the Zenon GRP rooflight division of Hambleside Danelaw, delivered ‘Sustainability from Natural Daylight in the Built Environment’.  The many recognised benefits of natural daylight and how it can be used effectively in buildings, particularly those in the warehouse and logistics sector, are often overlooked.  Gary’s presentation highlighted the importance of the key specification characteristics of rooflight assemblies and how these can affect and reduce the building’s operational and embodied carbon emissions.

Rhian Blake, National Business Development Manager at Euroclad, engaged the audience with the aptly titled ‘Building a Better Future Together’.  Speaking about Euroclad’s ‘Planet Passionate Programme’, Rhian identified the Group’s carbon reduction targets through which they have already achieved so much.  From plans to fit all three production units with PV panels, to focusing on renewable energy contracts; Euroclad’s ambitions for a sustainable future are clear to see.

The final partner presentation was by Dave Taylor, Business Development Manager for Tata Steel Colorcoat.  Dave gave the audience a comprehensive insight into ‘Lowering the Embodied Carbon in Steel Intensive Buildings’.  The methods of decarbonising this energy intensive material were most informative.

Throughout the event, the clear message was that ‘together we make the difference’.

As well as a fantastic lunch, delegates had the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of the Silverstone racetrack (during a test day, no less!).  A panel discussion brought the event to a close.

Hambleside Danelaw had a very rewarding day, with some interesting ideas and forthcoming developments.  Working in an industry as collaborative as this one is a privilege – the future of sustainable construction looks bright! (With diffused natural daylight of course!).