Reducing our carbon footprint

Hambleside Danelaw aim to minimise, wherever practical, the impact on the environment which arises as a result of our manufacturing and distribution operations. We actively encourage environmental responsibility amongst all of our stakeholders and suppliers.

As a part of our drive to reduce our impact on the environment, we are aware that printed material can contribute to CO2 emissions and always use electronic media wherever possible. However, print is still an integral part of providing the essential information our merchants, specifiers and contractors need to work with our products. We also continue to use the paper needed for the everyday operation of any business.

To offset the CO2 produced, we work with our print partner Preview Chromatic who use The Verified Carbon Standard. VCS is one of the leading standards for voluntary carbon offsetting. There are many schemes in industry, but VCS provides a credible, simple set of criteria that brings integrity to the voluntary carbon market.

A certificate is produced, and during January, February and March 2021 0.602 tonnes of C02 was captured and one tree was planted to offset the carbon emissions to help prevent climate change and create space for wildlife. We will continue to work hard to reduce our carbon footprint, and print is one of the areas where we can make a credible, certifiable reduction in our CO2 contributions.