Replacing Rooflights for Industrial Buildings

GRP rooflights have a service life of around 30 years with correct care and maintenance, this means that at the end of that service life – where the building is still in use – they will need to be replaced.  Zenon’s National Sales Manager Paul Hanratty, and HDL newly-appointed sales manager for North England and Scotland, Danny O’Brien, went on a site visit to see a rooflight replacement as part of a refurbishment project in Northamptonshire in conjunction with Hallmark Roofing & Cladding.

Heading up to the roof, the difference in the old rooflights compared to the new was evident.  There is no doubt that these new Zenon rooflights will increase the light transmission into the building.

Danny stated that it was a “very interesting visit – to be able to see our products being installed and reaching the end user brought into sharp focus the need for quality GRP rooflights in these types of industrial spaces.

Old GRP rooflights that needed replacing

Seeing older material which hasn’t been treated or maintained, which now must be replaced to improve the space also gave me an overall idea of why it is important to maintain rooflights for a longer life span on the material along with a better aesthetically pleasing application.

Being able to walk around the site and understanding the installation process of the rooflights also an added value and understanding to why it is paramount material is correctly produced and profiled to fit within the metal cladding system.”

Hambleside Danelaw, as members of The Rooflight Association, are well aware of the benefits of natural daylighting and are committed to raising awareness of specifying rooflights which contribute to the daylighting in the building.  Appropriate maintenance of rooflights such as cleaning and eventual replacement are also of vital importance when considering the specification process.

If rooflights on an industrial or commercial building need replacing, it is important to make this a priority as the non-fragility of the rooflight could be compromised.  To replace in-plane rooflights the only information needed is the profile type as well as the manufacturer and length needed.  If you need assistance identifying the profile, please get in touch with our team on 01327 701 920 – we would be happy to help.