Roof Expansion

Dryseal Training Centre, near Daventry Northants
Dryseal Training Centre, near Daventry Northants

One thing that is always required is a waterproof roof and even when times are a bit tough it is difficult to ignore the steady drip drip of a leaking roof!  No matter what the state of the economy a waterproof roof is a must and repair and maintenance work continues even in times of austerity.

Consequently, we have seen a steady expansion in the number of roofing contractors participating on our Dryseal training courses to enable them to install our Dryseal GRP roofing system.

Dryseal is a component based GRP roofing system which provides an alternative approach to the traditional wet lay fibreglass flat roofing products, providing a long service life supported by our Guarantee and an independent insurance backed warranty. For more details about Dryseal, click here.

A full listing of approved contractors can be seen here and the two most recent additions to that Contractor base are:

  • John Williams and Company based in Lympne Kent, a well-established business with 140 years of history
  • PQ Fibreglassing from County Longford Ireland

Andy Fell, our Dryseal manager, recently welcomed both Companies to the Dryseal Contractor network and looks forward to steadily increasing the contractor base over the coming months.  If you are a Contractor and would be interested in working with us and Dryseal please contact 01327 701907 or email