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Sustainable Pallet Use

Hambleside Danelaw, having recently obtained Carbon Reduce ISO 14064-1 certification, have been looking into key processes and areas where there is an opportunity to increase and implement sustainable practices.

An area identified early on was our use of pallets, particularly the long ones that are used to transport our Zenon GRP rooflights.  Historically, these pallets were only loaded to 1000kg, which meant Hambleside Danelaw were potentially using far more pallets than was necessary, after re-evaluating our current lifting/shipping capacity the business looked to increase the overall weight to 1500kgs.  After conferring with customers to ensure they had the capability to unload a higher weight, we implemented an increased load, meaning we use less pallets to transport the same amount of rooflights.  For our 8 metre Zenon GRP rooflights, when previously loaded at 1000kg, pallets carried 55 rooflights each, now loaded to 1500kg, they have 88 rooflights loaded.  This will mean less lorries having to transport the materials to site, as well as less wastage.

In addition, for large orders, where multiple phases of an industrial build take place.  Hambleside Danelaw also collect used pallets from the site from earlier rooflight deliveries, which allows for them to reuse these where possible or ensure suitable disposal.