Time for a material change

Dryseal DP40 stress plate

Sometimes it is easy to be complacent about change but sometimes change can be helpful.

One of our products, Dryseal, requires the use of mechanical fixing to secure the pre-cured fibreglass roofing membrane.  These fixings originally featured galvanised steel stress plates, which were really designed for use with PVC roof covering systems.

However, we have now developed an improved stress plate (Code DP40) which is designed for universal use, manufactured using a high performance nylon based material.  Nylon was selected as the new material as it poses no risk of corrosion whilst offering better rigidity.  It also provides a smoother profile which enhances the quality and aesthetics of the laminated GRP seam for jointing the Dryseal GRP roofing system.  Nylon also will not suffer from long term creep when placed under loads and stress, as would be expected from polypropylene and polyethylene based materials.

Manufactured by us this new product has been subjected to rigorous testing prior to being made available to the market and is now in production.

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