Weatherproofing for winter and beyond

20150910_110252_croppedAs we move through the seasons, there is an increased awareness for the need for robust weatherproof roofing. Adverse weather can cause disruption for homeowners and Housing Associations having to pay for costly repairs.

The use of a good quality proprietary dry verge system can not only deliver a neat finished appearance to the roof edge, but can provide essential weatherproofing and prevent wind uplift of the tiles or slates preventing damage to the roof and the associated internal damage to finishes, fixtures and fittings. The Hambleside Danelaw IDV Interlocking Dry Verge system provides all of this combined with a neat, modern appearance to suit all commonly available profiles of roof tile.

The product is quick and easy to install and maintenance free, and is universal for most tile and ridge tile types and provides cost effective robust weatherproofing to the roof edge together with improved mechanical fixing of the verge tiles. The system eliminates the requirement for the use of mortar, and all the problems associated with the use of mortar such as shrinkage and cracking. It is also suitable for installation in refurbishment situations where the ends of the tile battens might have decayed. In most cases, secure fixing can be obtained by the addition of a continuous batten secured to the top of the gable wall of the property.

  • Suits all single lap concrete tiles with batten gauges between 260mm and 355mm – largest range available on the market!
  • Stylish new design to compliment both flat and profile tiles
  • Clip-over design for fast installation
  • Simple to fit on new build or refurbishment projects of any roof pitch
  • Design features minimise water run-off onto gables to significantly reduce staining
  • Universal eaves starter unit designed to avoid gutter interference
  • Angular adjustment to accommodate roof sprockets
  • Also available to fit all thin leading edge tiles

Strong, durable and quality products that are designed for the job and quick to install save you money. Our products are tried and tested and come with the reputation for quality, service and back-up expected from a reputable manufacturer such as Hambleside Danelaw Ltd.

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