Welcome to our new Business Systems Manager Stuart Deas












We are continually moving forward, and we are pleased to announce that we are welcoming Stuart Deas as our new Business Systems Manager.

Developing and manufacturing outstanding quality products is at the heart of everything we do at Hambleside Danelaw. Stuart brings a wealth of experience to us. He has 30+ years experience working in Quality Assurance roles and has extensive knowledge of accreditation, assurance systems and processes. He will be a huge asset in helping us maintain and improve our own quality standards for both our existing product range, and the new products we are continually developing.

When he’s not at work, Stuart doesn’t just sit back watching boxsets! He’s a very keen cyclist and owns several bikes. He cycles between 60 & 100 miles plus a week which includes Sportive/charity rides. He also spends many hours in the garden but as he mentions jokily “only under supervision!”