Which flat roofing system is best for a health sector building?

Flat roofs can be the most cost-effective solution for commercial properties, as they can maximise the internal space of a building and are usually far more energy efficient than pitched roofs. Ease of access and maintenance are two major factors that lead to flat roofs being preferred over pitched.

Commercial properties often have a large roof area, and yet flat roofs require less material and can be made far more robust than pitched roofs. Tight deadlines and budgets can dictate the specification of the roof, as a cost effective and long lasting system is crucial. Thus, reduced cost during construction and in annual maintenance can mean that a flat roof is a more cost effective waterproofing method for commercial buildings.

Environmental qualities strongly influence the construction industry as a whole these days. If a commercial build needs to achieve a stringent BREEAM  goal, a ‘warm’ GRP flat roof build-up can achieve an ‘A’ rating in accordance with Green Guide generic definitions and can also form the ideal base for a solar array or ‘green’ roof.

The Dryseal system overlooks picturesque views of Sligo from the hospital roof

GRP waterproofing is ideal for commercial property as it is easy to maintain, is not easily damaged and can be simply repaired and refurbished ‘in situ’, thus reducing landfill costs. GRP will also withstand extreme weather conditions; Dryseal’s  Agrément Certificate 95/3114 was recently revised to full ‘zero falls’ accreditation by the BBA after spending 6 months underwater at 60°C, and then being subjected to a series of rigorous destruction tests – a process that broke the BBA’s test machine!

Dryseal GRP was chosen as the ideal roofing solution for a recent health sector project in Ireland. St Joseph’s Surgery and Diagnostic Centre in Sligo, Ireland, was in need of a new roof covering over the main hospital building. Approved Installer and Irish distributor PQ Fibreglassing completed the re-waterproofing and insulation upgrade works to six roofs, totalling 750m2, with the hospital only having to close for one day. Read more in the case study here.

With a 20 year insured guarantee that can be extended by refurbishing the top-coat, the Agrément certified Dryseal system can have its life extended almost indefinitely and continues to grow in popularity with specifiers.