Zenon – a new brand of rooflights


You probably know that our rooflights range has been re-branded, but you might not be up to speed with the details.  Here’s a quick reminder;

Zenon Pro – Ideal for typical industrial, commercial or agricultural buildings

The new brand name for our tried and tested range of traditional GRP rooflight sheets. The natural translucent in-plane rooflights are profiled to match the building envelope cladding system and are available in over 1000 profiles to suit new build and refurbishment projects. They are suitable for installing in single skin and double skin assemblies and can be insulated with either polycarbonate or our unique Zenon Insulator core for triple skin applications. Zenon Pro rooflights are compatible with both site assembled and composite panel cladding systems. This range is CE marked and available in all sheet weights defined in the UK Annex to BS EN1013:2012.

Zenon Evolution – Ideal for environmentally conscious industrial and commercial buildings or where superior strength is demanded

This truly low carbon rooflight offers the best solution for your environmentally conscious industrial or commercial building. Featuring innovative high performance glass reinforcement we are able to reduce the amount of resin required in the manufacturing process, yet produce a GRP rooflight sheet stronger than the traditional equivalent. Accordingly, Zenon Evolution is produced in two weights. Both weights deliver a non-fragility which equals or betters that of significantly heavier conventionally reinforced products. Both use less resin in manufacture and are thinner, lighter and with less embodied carbon.

Zenon Evolution sheets offer significant carbon reduction saving in comparison to their Zenon Pro equivalent. A slight trade-off in terms of light transmission is more than offset by the improvement in thermal performance using the Zenon Insulator core, which can deliver a reduction in U-value up to 40% with improved light transmission compared to polycarbonate insulation layers.