Zenon Insulator – A low carbon solution

A rooflight comprises of three key elements– the internal liner sheet, the insulation layer, and the external weather sheet.

The selected components making up the final assembly, not only influence light transmission and thermal performance, but have a part to play in the embodied carbon content. Zenon, leading manufacturers of diffused GRP daylight solutions, deliver a lower carbon embodiment potential.

Zenon Insulator and polycarbonate
The polycarbonate layer can be seen in the structure of the top rooflight, with the Insulator installed in the bottom

A large factor in this is Zenon’s revolutionary Insulator which replaces the typical polycarbonate insulating layer within the rooflight structure.

Structured like honeycomb, with its structure perpendicular to the rooflight plane, Zenon Insulator is compostable at the end of its service life.  Site assembled Zenon Evolution with 20mm Insulator gives excellent non-fragility, durability, thermal performance and light transmission, but delivers far lower embodied carbon than conventionally insulated rooflight assemblies.

The benefits of utilising Zenon Insulator are clear as day!  Contact the team to find out more.