Roof Flashings

Roof Flashings cover the joint between two different parts of the roof structure – such as the join between the roof and the chimney. A roof flashing made by Danelaw® can come in many types and styles, but are generally strip products or at details that form a junction between construction elements to make them weathertight.

The more commonly known roof flashings, are apron flashings sometimes known as abutment flashings, cover flashing, step flashings, step and cover flashings and chimney flashings, but they can also include pitched roof valley linings, secret gutters and flashing for joining pitched roofs with different covering types.

Our tried-and-tested range of durable roof flashing and soaker products will ensure your roof remains watertight. From our market leading Dry Fix Valley Troughs and traditional open valley troughs, dry fix bonding gutters through to our individual soakers and Conti-Soakers all made from glass-reinforced polyester (GRP), making them superior to plastic alternatives and an ideal lead replacement solution.

There are lots of benefits of selecting flashing products made from GRP. Firstly, when compared with lead, GRP products take half as much time and cost to install. This is partly because they are so lightweight and easy to handle, and also because they are preformed to the required shape. GRP does not hold the same value, so it deters criminals from theft and the associated damaging to the property. GRP does not streak or stain, and we offer a 30-year service life guarantee,  which ensures the roof will remain leak-free for years to come.

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Video Guide on Dry fix valley trough installation video

Flexible Flashings FAQs

Can Fast Flash be used to form a pipe flashing?

Yes, Fast Flash is extremely versatile and can be used to form numerous weathering details.

Is HD Fast Flash patented?

There is a patent covering the manufacturing process of Fast Flash that delivers superior performance to similar materials.

Why is Fast Flash any better than other lead replacement flexible flashing products?

The design of Fast Flash delivers a product with greater stretch-ability that similar products for better dressing and detailing and is manufactured in such a way that the two faces of the product cannot separate.

The fully adhesive backing improves and simplifies some of the more complex applications while reducing the waste from off-cuts.